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New facilities are specifically designed to optimize sight lines and enhance the intimacy felt by their patrons. This criteria extends to the television viewer as well, putting the two in direct competition for the best viewing locations.
Thus, the Camera SportSeat was born. The units have been designed to have as little impact on the slight line of the fan at the game as possible, while at the same time giving the television viewer an equally good view of the action. Both of which contribute to improved revenue for the facility. The flexibility of the design means that the original Camera SportSeat has evolved into a number of both portable and permanent mount units with up to 360 degrees of coverage. Each of these models is fine tuned not only for the individual needs of the facility but also for each individual camera position by our experienced design engineers.

Sight Lines Seat Kill Revenue Return
Standing camera operators and their cameras often block the sight line of many fans, causing them to be unable to properly see the action. Blocked sight lines cause seat kill, which means that the venue operator cannot sell the seat or may have to sell it at a much reduced price. Camera SportSeat‘s low profile often removes any objection to being seated behind the cameras, recovering revenue lost with standing camera operators.
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