Portable Model

Portable units are most commonly used in Interior Facilities where it is desirable to replace them with regular patron seating for other entertainment venues, where camera are not required.
The camera mounting platform, camera post, track and seat assembly are completely removable from the camera location, with no physical attachment to the precast concrete.
In use, normal patron seating is removed (it usually is modified so that several seats are removed as a unit) and the Camera SportSeat is placed in position.
There are no electrical or other connections required for the unit and one person can install or remove the unit in less than 10 minutes.
A Transport/Storage Cart is available, which holds three complete portable Camera SportSeat units.

Riser Mount Stand Alone
Riser Mount Portable Model Standalone Portable Model
Existing concrete riser supports the seat track For use in handicap area or on a platform
where there is no precast riser

The following drawings display basic dimensions. Almost all installations require some sort of custom design modifications. Camera Post Heights and Track Angle Coverages are designed to meet your requirements. The basic track design shown has a camera angle coverage of about 85°. Coverage can be modified from 45° to 360°, depending on your situation.

Portable Model Drawing
Portable Model Drawing